Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl

What is Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl (aka HTV aka Iron On aka T-shirt Vinyl) is a heat transfer vinyl that has had an image or pattern printed on it after the vinyl was manufactured. The printers that are used to print the image are professional printers that use special inks that are designed to be smudge and streak-free and last longer than a traditional desktop printer (which often uses a water-based ink).

As patterned heat transfer vinyl has an image printed on it, it comes attached to a backing sheet, not an adhesive carrier sheet. Because of this, a heat-resistant transfer tape is needed to remove the vinyl from its backing sheet and position it on your destination surface (the side of the HTV that is stuck on the carrier sheet is the side that you will see when wearing the shirt). 

This type of vinyl can be cut using scissors or an exacto knife, but is most commonly cut using a Silhouette or Cricut computer-controller cutter (placed pattern side up on the mat without your design mirrored in the software - the design does not need to be mirrored because you are cutting on the front of the material, on the side that will be facing towards the world on the destination surface).

Once cut, the excess and unwanted parts of the material can be removed, you can place your design on your fabric, and press your design into the fabric. Each of the products we sell is meant for use with a heat press, but can also be adhered with a home iron (on the correct fabric setting). Each type of heat transfer vinyl has different pressing and laundering instructions so it is important to read the details of each before purchase and usage!

Note that all of our printed vinyl comes direct to us from Sparkleberry Ink so there is no wait time for it to be printed.