Permanent, Outdoor Glossy Vinyl

What is permanent, outdoor, glossy vinyl?

Adhesive vinyl is a vinyl film that can be cut and transferred onto different destination surfaces. The vinyl can be cut using scissors or an exacto knife, or a Silhouette or Cricut computer-controlled cutting machine. Once cut, the excess, unwanted portions of the vinyl are removed and the design is transferred onto the destination surface using a transfer tape.

Adhesive vinyl comes in a variety of surface finishes and indoor/outdoor durability. Some vinyl such as outdoor (aka permanent) is designed and manufactured to withstand outdoor elements such as heat, sunlight, cold, dampness, or precipitation (e.g., to go on a vehicle). Other vinyl such as indoor vinyl (aka removable) is usually more decorative in nature and designed for temporary installation (e.g., a wall decal).

Vinyl that has a glossy finish has a slippery feel to it and looks shiny (it is also usually quite thin due to the manufacturing process). Vinyl that has a matte finish is more dull and flat (but also pretty!) and is usually thicker than glossy vinyl.

Note that not all vinyl is alike! Each different type differs in thickness, color, surface finish, indoor/outdoor durability, and flexibility, so it is important to pay attention to these properties when purchasing, applying, and caring for the vinyl. Each of these properties can affect the cut settings that you may need to use, so please pay attention to them before you attempt cutting.