About Us

Started in 2014, Jamak Vinyl is now a mother-daughter run business headquartered in Newmarket, ON, with an additional location in Edmonton, AB. We are home-based businesses that do not have showrooms, so if you are looking for our addresses, we intentionally do not have them posted. In Edmonton we are located near Londonderry Mall. In Newmarket we are near the Bathurst and Mulock intersection. We only provide our address after a local pickup order has been placed through our website

We are an offshoot of JAM Crafts and Things. JAM Crafts and Things started because our family tended to buy the exact same electronics and had a difficult time telling them apart. After searching on eBay and Amazon (this was in the pre-Etsy days in Canada), we never really found any vinyl decals that expressed our love for technology and animation, or came in colors other than black, so we decided to start making our own! We received so many requests for similar products from friends and family that we decided to open our JAM Crafts and Things Etsy store so others could also share their nerdy, eccentric personalities through vinyl.

Because it was very difficult to source good quality, industrial, adhesive vinyl in the quantities we needed, we searched to find professional suppliers of industrial vinyl for JAM Crafts and Things. After realizing that others also had problems sourcing vinyl, we started Jamak Vinyl as an online outlet to sell crafting supplies in sizes and quantities that were more appropriate for the crafting, hobbyist, and small business communities in Canada.

We are committed to providing you with quality products that we extensively work with, and test, before selling. All of our products are thus carefully curated to ensure that you can spend less time focusing on materials, and more time expressing your creativity and passions! 

- Michelle and Doreen