We hope to have the store remain open until April 30th, however, if we see sales patterns similar to last weekend (where the number of orders exceeded our fulfillment capacity), we will temporarily close the store so that we can fill all the orders that come in and fix the inventory issues that arise from customers selecting the wrong location for items in their cart. We will post on Facebook if we are going to have to close the store again.

Items are available on a first come, first paid basis. We will not hold items or process orders outside our website before the store opens. If you pay via EMT, your order will get put to the end of the order pile until we have time to process the EMT payment.

Please TRIPLE CHECK the contents of your cart before and during checkout. If your order has an issue (i.e., selected Newmarket instead of Alberta for all or some items, there is an incomplete shipping address, we have not received a pre-approval form, and so on), your order gets put to the end of the pile until we have time to contact you about your order or fix the ordering issue.

If you place multiple orders, we cannot guarantee that they will be ready for pickup or shipped at the same time.

We are no longer able to offer same day shipping or local pickup due to the volume of orders that are coming in.

If you have not yet been pre-approved, the pre-approval form can be found here:

We have consolidated all of the Oracal 631 listings into one listing per location (i.e., Black and White rolls of 631 can now we found alongside the 12"x 1 foot and 12" x 2 feet listings for Edmonton; Black, White, and colored rolls of 631 can now be found alongside the 12" x 1 foot listings for Newmarket).

Please note, we will NOT be selling any of our equipment or storage solutions.

We will not ship orders from Newmarket to BC, AB, SK, MB, NT, or YT or from Edmonton to ON, QC, PE, NS, NB, NL, or NU.


While we have enjoyed serving the hobbyist and crafting communities over the last five years, the time has come for us to close Jamak Vinyl. Doreen has decided that it is time to retire and Michelle has decided to take on a new opportunity that is more related to the degrees she earned in university. Because of these life changes / transitions, we will be unable to offer the same level of customer service you have become accustomed to our speed of order fulfillment and shipping so we have decided to close both of our locations (please see below for our explanation of our plan for the next two months). We thank you for your support and patronage of Jamak Vinyl over the last five years and wish you all the best of luck in your future crafting and hobbyist endeavors.

We’ve put together an FAQ below to answer some of the most common questions we think everyone will have.


Thanks again!

  • Michelle and Doreen


Are you really closing Jamak Vinyl?

Yes we are!


What sale are you having?

Everything on our website has been discounted to at or below cost effective today. This means that some items are 20% off whereas others are up to 70% off. The pre-closing and closing sale price of each item are shown on each listing. We are not entertaining offers for further discounts. Please note that once we sell out of an item, we will not be reordering more stock. Orders will continue to be fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis.


You have two different locations and each will sell out of items at different times. How are you handling this?

Because we do not have an inventory management system that spans both locations, our locations will be in close contact throughout the next few weeks to ensure that the website reflects the inventory that we have on hand as accurately as possible. We will try to minimize the usability disruptions that the differing inventories may cause but do ask for your patience and understanding as we try to make our closure as smooth as possible.


To assist with this, starting today, you will notice that each listing has a ‘Location’ drop down box with options for ‘
Edmonton (BC / AB / SK / MB / NT / YT)’ and ‘Newmarket (ON / QC / NS / NB / PE / NL / NU)’. These location options are tied to the approximate inventory that we have on hand so when you add an item to your cart, please choose the location option that corresponds to where you live (e.g., if you live in Vancouver you would select ‘
Edmonton (BC / AB / SK / MB / NT / YT)’, if you live in Channel Port aux Basques you would select ‘Newmarket (ON / QC / NS / NB / PE / NL / NU)’.


We have also added ‘Edmonton Exclusives’ and ‘Newmarket Exclusives’ options to our main navigation menu. Exclusive items will only ship or be available for local pickup from the designated location. Some items in these categories are one-off supplies and / or a color of vinyl that we only have in stock in one location (e.g., if we run out of Lime Green 651 in Edmonton, for example, we would put Lime Green in it's own listing as part of the Newmarket Exclusives section).


Why is there no more Free Shipping Option?

Due to the discounts on the website we have had to remove the free shipping option. This is because although the price of items has gone down, the weight of items has remained the same. This means that you will be receiving more items and thus the total weight of a shipment and the shipping price will have gone up. Because items are at or below cost, we are not longer willing to subsidize shipping costs.


When is your last day of operation / When is the last day you will be shipping or fulfilling orders?

We will be closing our operations in three stages over the next two months. First, all operations will continue as normal until April 30th at 11:59 pm EST. Then, on May 1st, all shipping options will be removed from our website and we will only be accepting orders for local pickups. We will NOT ship out any orders after April 30th at 11:59 pm EST. Orders for Edmonton local pickups will continue to be accept orders from now until mid-May, however all local pickup orders MUST BE PICKED UP BY May 15th at 11:59 pm EST. Orders for Newmarket local pickups will continue to be accepted from now until the end of May, however all local pickups orders MUST BE PICKED UP BY May 30th at 11:59 pm EST. We use the EST time zones because Michelle has to manually make modifications to the website. The last day we will be responding to emails or social media inquires will be June 5th, 2019.


What are you doing with your leftover stock once you close?

After May 15th at 11:59 pm EST in Edmonton and May 30th at 11:59 pm EST in Newmarket, any remaining stock we have will be donated to local makerspaces, libraries, and schools that we already have relationships with. We will not be making donations to any individual crafters, small businesses, or other schools/libraries/makerspaces/institutions.


Can I buy your entire inventory / get a wholesale discount / get a bulk discount / receive a donation / etc.?
Unfortunately, the answer to all these questions is no. The prices for all products on our website are now at or below cost so we will not be offering any further discounts.


Can I buy your business / brand?

While we appreciate that you may want to continue our brand and business, we are unfortunately not entertaining offers to sell our business or brand. Michelle will retain all the copyrights and registrations for Jamak Vinyl and all the content contained on our website and social media accounts.


Will you still be having Free Sample Friday?

Because we will be quite busy making sure that the website is up to date with our most recent inventory and item counts, we will not be running anymore Free Sample Friday draws.


Will you still be having Deal Days on the 10th and 20th?

Because all of our items will remain on sale, each and every day, until the day we close, we will not be holding anymore Deal Days.