JamakVinyl - JamakVinyl Dual Sided Vinyl Scraper / Squeegee

Dual Sided Vinyl Scraper / Squeegee

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Looking for a high quality vinyl scraper (or squeegee) to use to transfer your vinyl designs to their final surface? These vinyl scrapers are made of high quality plastic (so they won't flex or curl at the ends like the Silhouette ones do!) and are commonly used in the automotive industry so they are heavy duty! They are blue in color, and measure 10 cm x 7.5 cm. One side of the scraper is covered in a felt-like material that works great for final one-overs on surfaces that scratch easily.
These scrapers are perfect to adhere your transfer tape to your design and your design onto your final surface.
We are not responsible for injury or harm you may incur, or damage to a product that is incurred, as a result of using these tools.

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