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Due to limitations in our e-Commerce provider, we have two listings for FDC 9000 HTV. If you are located in Newmarket (ON / QC / NS / NB / PE / NL / NU), please order FDC 9000 HTV using the listing here.

FDC Lumina 9000 is a premium heat transfer vinyl (HTV) used by professional t-shirt and sign shops around the world. It is 3.5 mil thick and made from a polyurethane film. The film comes on a glossy carrier sheet that you should not remove until after the vinyl has been adhered to your destination fabric. The film can be used on fabrics that are 100% polyester, 100% cotton, poly/cotton blends, or uncoated Nylon. If you choose to use the vinyl film on other fabrics or surfaces, you do so at your own discretion and we will not issue a refund if the HTV does not adhere to your surface or fabric.

This film is CPSIA Compliant, so it is safe for use on products for children. It is good practice to test small sample of the vinyl on a scrap piece of material. 

The film is intended to be used with a heat press, due to the fact it is a heat and pressure sensitive product. As such, it is important to use the appropriate temperature and pressure when pressing. While FDC has generalized instructions on how to use an iron, if you choose to use an iron or Cricut Easy Press, you do so at your own discretion. We will not issue a refund if the HTV does not adhere to your fabric. This is because not all irons are able to reach the desired temperature, and not all irons and heat presses exert the correct pressure required for adhesion to fabric.  Infrared thermometers can help you check the temperature of your heat press, iron, or Easy Press before pressing. 

A downloadable version of the Heat Transfer Vinyl Instructions can be found here.

Cutting Instructions:
- In our experience, it is best to use the default Heat Transfer Vinyl Settings that come with hobbyist cutters (i.e., Silhouette - Heat Transfer Smooth; Cricut - Iron On). With this being said, all blades have different degrees of wear, so it is good practice to perform a small test cut and weed the test cut BEFORE cutting and weeding an entire design.

Application Instructions (Heat Press - Teflon sheet recommended):
- Reverse Weed (place the vinyl shiny side face down on cutting mat; make sure your design is mirrored vertically before cutting)
- Preheat fabric for 5 seconds
- Pressing Temperature: 302 F (150 C)
- Medium Pressure for 10 Seconds
- Hot Peel of carrier sheet

Laundering Instructions:
- Wait 24 hours prior to washing
- Turn inside out
- Cold Water with Mild Detergent
- Normal Dryer Temperature Settings
- No Bleach and No Dry Cleaning

All rolls are 15 inches wide, but you can choose the length of the roll. All rolls will be shipped as one continuous piece.

We have a number of colors available, so please take a look at the posted second and third images. Please note, due to differences in computer monitor display technologies, not all colors will be appear exactly as they are indicated in the images.

More details on the heat transfer vinyl can be can be found on the manufacturer's website, available here

The t-shirts in the images are for illustration purposes only - they do not come with the listing. They are provided to give you an idea of what the vinyl would look like if cut and pressed onto a blank product.

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