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Metallic Permanent, Outdoor Glossy Vinyl [Newmarket]

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This item is only available for pickup in Newmarket. It is not available for local pickup in Edmonton. If you are located in AB we will not ship this item to you - we will issue you a refund.


The vinyl is a premium metallic glossy vinyl. It comes in nine colors and is made by two different companies: Champagne (FDC Lumina 2100), Royal Purple (FDC Lumina 2100), Dark Magenta (FDC Lumina 2100), Light Rose (FDC Lumina 2100; Rose Gold), Bright Blue (FDC Lumina 2100), Seafoam (FDC Lumina 2100), Copper (Oracal 651), Silver (Oracal 651), and Gold (Oracal 651).  

We are listing it as one item because both brands are virtually identical in quality, however they differ in the colors that they have available. Note that all colors except for Dark Magenta are double sided (i.e., the color on the front and back is the same). The color on the back of the Dark Magenta is silver.

The mason jars in the image are for illustration purposes only - they do not come with the listing. They are provided to give you an idea of what the vinyl would look like if cut and placed on a blank product. We do not recommend putting any vinyl in the dishwasher, although you are welcome to do so at your own risk!

FDC Lumina 2100:
This is a cast vinyl that has a thickness of 2 mil and a has an outdoor durability of 6 years. It has a glossy finish, similar to Oracal 651, and has a metallic sheen to it. It is NOT a foil or car wrap material that needs an additional adhesive applied to it. It is an adhesive vinyl similar to all the other products we sell (i.e., it has adhesive already applied to the back). It is such a beautiful product! More details are available here.

Oracal 651:
This vinyl is calendered and is made from polyacrylate. It has a thickness of 2.5 mil. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and has an adhesive life of 3-6 years (3 years - brilliant blue; 4 years - metallic colors; 6 years - other colors). Note that these life expectancies are expected when the vinyl is applied using Oracal approved procedures on vertical surfaces. More details are available here.  This is not a foil or a car wrap material that needs an additional adhesive applied to it.

Applies to Both Films:
The vinyl adhesive is permanent. While this means it will stick in outdoor situations and is dishwashable, it also means it may damage the surface if the vinyl is removed (e.g., a painted wall). The vinyl is not reusable. While we do not advocate for putting any vinyl in the dishwasher, if you chose to do so, you are doing so at your own risk.

The vinyl films are perfect and safe to use in both commercial vinyl cutters as well as hobby cutters such as the Silhouette Portrait, Silhouette Cameo, Circuit, Craftwell, Sizzix, Pazzles, Silver Bullet, KNK, Quickutz, Graphtec, BossKut, Xyron, Slice and so on. Even if you do not have a vinyl or craft cutter, you can still use an Exacto knife or scissors to cut the vinyl. 

Please note, due to differences in computer monitor display technologies, not all colors will be appear exactly as they are indicated in the images.

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